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Lawyer Career

At McKenna King, we uphold three key values - loyalty, specialty, and advocacy.


Loyalty is to each other and to our clients.


Specialty is our focus on our three key areas of law in which we are experts.


Advocacy is representing and supporting our clients 100%.


We are extremely fortunate that all of our staff embody and reflect our firm’s values. We make it a priority to ensure that our working environment is conducive to positive collaboration. 

As an employer, we advocate for work-life balance and upward career mobility. We are always on the look out for talented litigators from different backgrounds and experiences.

In early 2022, McKenna King was awarded New Zealand Cadet Force Officer Employer of the Year, presented at the Minister of Defence Awards for Excellence. This was in recognition of our flexible working arrangements which enabled our former staff to meaningfully contribute to the national resilience and community well-being as a member of the New Zealand Defence Force. 

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